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10 Free Halloween Crochet Patterns

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Moogly has shared some truly spectacular Halloween patterns for us to try!  Personally I’m thinking of making about a hundred of those pumpkins and the candy corn bunting may just go on my door.  Click here for the list of patterns and links.


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Five Ways To Crochet Your Own Buttons

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Moogly Blog has done it again with a set of five different how-to’s on crocheting your own buttons.  Click here to get the full list of all five tutorials and patterns for these fun and amazing little delights.

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Free Pattern :: Kitty Hideaway

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I love this!  I want to make one big enough for me to climb into and have a little comic book reading hideout like when I was a kid.  This free pattern is available here at Yarnsters.  Just look at that happy kitty peeking out (^_^).

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