Kickstarter Comic “Lust”

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An interview with the creators of Lust, a comic book that covers the idea of what lust and chastity and other vices can teach us.  I love the music in the background; can’t wait to get me a copy!  Check out some of the artwork and the Kickstarter site here.


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The Cat With Hands

I have to stop watching creepy videos late at night…  I’m starting to get nightmares.  But, just so that I know I’m not alone, here’s a slightly less creepy, slightly more cool video by Robert Morgan.


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We the Tiny House People

I adore great uses of space in small spaces!!!  I so want one of these tiny homes (^_^)

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Neil Gaiman in JL8 Comics

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How To Make Your Own Solid Perfume

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I can’t wait to make some solid perfume!  I love heady floral scents like gardenia and jasmine that permeate a room and are, in a word, intoxicating.  Plus having a solid perfume pot is much less messy than leaky sample bottles or toting around an entire bottle of perfume for reapplication throughout the day.  Click here for the full how-to by Irina Adam!

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The Moth Presents Neil Gaiman

Very funny story about being 16, having spent all your money on cigarettes, being very hungry and waiting on parents who are always late.

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Noisy Jelly!

Created by Raphaël and Marianne Cauvard, both Paris-based students, this jelly (or JELL-O) is powered by the open hardware platform Arduino to read sensors and Max/MSP to produce sound.

Can you just imagine a whole band made up of edible instruments?

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