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The Moth Presents Neil Gaiman

Very funny story about being 16, having spent all your money on cigarettes, being very hungry and waiting on parents who are always late.


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I Wish You Were Here Project

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Tanya Houghton’s mother Marianne has been diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor.  As a way of cheering her mother up and allowing Marianne to see the world Tanya has invited people from all over the world to send Marianne a post card with three of your favorite things about your home on it.  If you’re looking for a way to do something special for someone else and be a part of something great then send Marianne a postcard.  Click here for details.

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Bare Intimates Top 10 Etsy Lingerie Shops

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Looking for a little something special in the intimates department for a special lady in your life, a special occasion or just because?  Well Bare Intimates has your hookup with a list of their top 10 favorites around the Etsy site.  I just love the items found at Lilipiache and Fractal Wings!  Click here to view the list and when on Etsy don’t forget to shop local when you can!

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I’ve Been Nominated!

What an awesome and fantastic surprise; I have been nominated by Acorn in the Kitchen for this wonderful award! Totally made my day, thank you so much, Acorn!   Ok, so the guidelines for accepting this award are as follows:

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to their blog in your post.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Nominate about 15 other blogs that you enjoy.
4. Let the nominees know that you chose them.

Seven things about myself:

1.) I love to cook!  Whenever I lived with my father I was subjected to some of the most awful cooking imaginable so as soon as I was on my own I began collecting recipes and have never stopped experimenting.

2.) I am a crochet queen!  I have been crocheting since I was six years old when my grandmother taught me how to make little granny square potholders to sell at her craft show tables.  Ever since that first day having complete strangers ooh and ahh over my work I’ve been in love with creating amazing things with mah own two hands.

3.) My favorite kind of music right now is garage rock; the kind with lots of surf guitar.  Holly Golightly, Fabienne DelSol, The Detroit Cobras, The Greenhornes and so on.

4.)  I don’t have a defined sense of style, I’m very much just “Me” and what I like is what I wear, listen to, am involved and so on, although I do have a strong passion for the 40’s and the goth aesthetic.

5.)  I want to be a foster parent.  I spent all of my childhood in and out of  foster homes and if there is one thing that I hope to change by becoming a foster parent myself it is to better prepare young women for the road ahead.  I also hope to create a safe haven for those young women to come back to whenever they need to talk; support is needed for all of us, male or female, when we’re first striking out on our own!

6.) I’m a huge sci-fi, fantasy and what I’ve heard called “modern fairytales” where the characters are mythical creatures living in modern times.  All that means is that I love to read and (as a side note) audio books are a crafter’s friend!

7.) I have just recently begun roller derby!  To be honest I just wanted to learn to roller skate, but now I’m thinking that I might want to try to get accepted to a team!  I’ve been going to the derby practice on Sundays and though I still have a long way to go before I’m a pro, I’m really loving it!

OK, my nominations now!

The Burlesque Baker :: Because who doesn’t love baked goods and burlesque?  Aw, dang, I should have put my love of burlesque as one of the facts about me!

The Flog :: Because Felicia Day is a wonderfully good spirited woman with passions in crafting, gaming and being crazy; hooray!

Crunchy Betty :: I love this blog for several reasons, the biggest of which being that her style of writing reminds me a lot of the Earth Mother type that I always imagined the mother I never had to be.  I love women who aren’t afraid to reveal things about their personal development and thought processes, things they’re battling and overcoming, things they’re loving every minute of; Crunch Betty is all kinds of wonderful woman (^_^)!

Biorequiem :: Zoetica Ebb is an amazingly beautiful woman and a mad, wicked artist!  I actually found her blog when first discovering Sugarpill Cosmetics and it’s been love ever since!  Love for both Biorequiem and Sugarpill, actually haha.  This is definitely a one of a kind blog with amazing pictures that dance over line between the possibly professionally set-up and the ubiquitous “being ridiculous with friends” shots.  Oh and she has a real eye for makeup!

The Dainty Squid :: Kaylah is everything I was as a somewhat younger version of myself before I got all afraid of my weird potential and got a little too normal.   She has an amazing style that is all her own which she graciously (THANK YOU KAYLAH) shares her shopping resources to in every post.  I love that her love of bones and bugs rivals my own and, best of all, she has amazing tattoos and blue hair!

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Tea Cozy Free Crochet Pattern

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How wonderful and cute is this tea cozy crocheted by Leah over at Why Didn’t Anyone Tell Me?  Leah shares with us how she creates her tea cozy patterns so that we might all be inspired to create our own!  Click here for the full photo tutorial and get crafty with your bad selves!

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Creative Business Q&A Vlog with The Flourishing Abode

April Starr at The Flourishing Abode has posted this great vlog for any new creative small businesses in the making out there.  Click here to go to the full post and see all the useful links she’s posted!

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The Secret World of Blog Advertising

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Ads, you’ve seen them thousands upon millions of times before, but how much do you know about how ads can work for you?  Karen at The Art of Doing Stuff talks a bit about the different kind of web ads that are out there specifically geared toward earning you money through your blog.

Through loving explanation and “having been there before” Karen shares which types of ads are best for which purposes and the various ways that ads can be specialized to what you want to appear on your blog; for instance whether or not you want video ads and/or whether or not you want them to automatically play when the page the ad is on is opened.  Click here for Karen’s helpful list of links and tidbits about adding ads to your blog!

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