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Ring Display Case Tutorial

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Check out this awesome tutorial for making your very own ring display box from Tea Rose Home!


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How To Refill Your Printer Cartridges

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I love when I find a how-to for something right before I buy it!  I do not yet own a printer, mainly because I’m horrified that I can buy the printer for $20, but will be forever in debt trying to keep the thing full of ink.  Regardless, I need a printer for my craft shows (washing instructions, price tags, order forms, and let’s not discount all those printables floating about the internet) so I was especially stoked to see this tutorial on how to refill your printer cartridges over at The Art of Doing Stuff.  Click here to see the tutorial.

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Attention All Crafters!

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Hey, crafters!  Looking to get your stock on Etsy and be a success?  Well you’re in luck because Etsy has some amazing helpful posts about not only how to create and manage your shop, but on how to be a success with your shop as well.

Today Etsy posted about an online Symposium their hosting entitled “How To Get Found” where questions such as “How can you use your story as a marketing tool? What’s the best way to utilize Pinterest to bolster your brand and build community? How do you get your products in front of the media?” will be answered.

The Success Symposium will be streamed live for free Friday, March 30 so head to their Online Labs  page to register and tune in!

See Etsy’s full post here.

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