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Noisy Jelly!

Created by Raphaël and Marianne Cauvard, both Paris-based students, this jelly (or JELL-O) is powered by the open hardware platform Arduino to read sensors and Max/MSP to produce sound.

Can you just imagine a whole band made up of edible instruments?


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DIY Recharge Station

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In the last few years I have seen hundreds, if not thousands, of recharge station DIY projects and though I absolutely love the concept, none of them really grabbed my attention.  Until, that is, now.  Tasha has found a way to turn an ordinary shoe box into a work of art that won’t make my apartment fell like I’ve filled my home with dumpster dive finds.  Not to say that there aren’t people out there that don’t make wonderful items or even homes out of dumpster dive finds, I am just not one of those people.  Click here for Tasha’s wonderful and easy project!

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World’s First Fully Compostable Diapers

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I have always known that if I were going to have children that I would use disposable diapers.  This choice is not based on a lack of interest in the state of the environment or due to me simply being a jerk that wants to wrap my baby up in stifling, landfill clogging plastic.  My choice had been made solely on the understanding that I work, a lot, and that there are only so many hours in a day that I want to spend doing certain things and I would much rather spend my hours enriching my baby’s life and grabbing whatever sleep I can than fussing with things like cloth diapers.

Despite my decision already being made, I still had wished that there was a better alternative to the poop scraping hell of cloth diapers and the environmental evil of disposables, and now there is!  Made from plant-based starches that all break down in around 90 days, Elements Naturals has developed a fully compostable nappy intended for the time strapped, environmentally conscious parents of today.  Click here for more information.

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12 Tech Helpers for Teeny, Tiny Offices

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As a permanent renter I am faced with a multitude of workspace sizes and as a crochet queen and crafting master I am always faced with new ways of saving space and organizing.  Lucky for me, and anyone else out there who might not have a ton of room to work with in their home office or crafting space, Apartment Therapy has created a list of 12 extremely helpful and space-saving little devices that I can’t wait to get for my own workspace!  View the list and links to products/gadgets here.

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Handmade Business Cards with PSA Essentials

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I love the idea of making as much as I can by hand for my business (I plan to stamp my logo and business name onto plain paper bags for my patron’s shopping bags) so the stamps from PSA Essentials sounds like a two-in-one deal to me!  A Pumpkin and A Princess shared her business card making endeavor along with links to PSA for all your stamping needs!  Check out the full post here.

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PayPal Goes Mobile!

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This is exactly what I’ve been looking for; a simple and easy to use system for taking payment for my crafting items.  In addition to credit cards, with PayPal Here you can also take debit cards hosted by Visa, Master Card, etc. as well as checks, and the payment funds are immediately available!  Checks can still take up to 6 days to process, and though most of us don’t take checks these days anyway, it is still nice to know that processing the checks (and even issuing invoices) are free of charge.

PayPal Here operates under PayPal’s usual 2.7% rate for transactions and offer no hidden fees and the card reader and app are free!  Available for both Adroid and iPhone, PayPal Here offers an encrypted card reader and is backed by PayPal’s world class risk management capabilities, unlike other mobile payment solutions.  PayPal Here promises that it is reliable, secure and offers easy transaction processing and fraud protection for you and your customers.

Sign up to be notified when PayPal Here becomes available here and catch Design-Milk’s say on the matter here!

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iPhone and Android Accessories!

I’m not sure exactly why I love accessories so much, but I often think that the reason lies in me being a woman and perhaps being hardwired to love things that are cute, sparkly or too awesome to pass up.  Whatever the reason, I am in love with some of the iPhone and Android phone accessories on My Life Scoop‘s blog.  I for one have my eye on the Andru Android wall charger.

See the full post here.

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