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Falsies How-To

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I am in love with falsies!  There’s nothing like a couple singles at the outer corner of my eye to turn a great look into a glam look!  Though they can be kind of a pain in the ass, especially when you’re first starting out.

Sometimes the only problem is the glue you’re using, but if you’re using all the right stuff and still having trouble applying those little buggers, The Beauty Department has come to your rescue!

Whether you want a full row or some individuals for that extra volume where you want it, The Beauty Department has shared a tutorial on how to apply them.

Click here to head over to the Beauty Department and start experimenting with your look!


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Beauty Video Tutorial: How To Apply Bright Eyeliner

By now we’re all pretty convinced that we were doing everything right when it came to eyeliner, but College Fashion has another helpful hint to give your bright eyeliner an extra pop!  Check out the video tutorial below to see how it’s done!

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VIDEO :: Special Occasion Makeup Tutorial

Mollie from Birch Box shares a tutorial on a simple yet elegant look for those special occasions.

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Do you Line your Inner Lower Lid?

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As I’m collecting new and fun ways to use eye shadows and blending techniques for awesome looks, I’m also finding some fun liner tricks in my internet travels.  Over at Beautylish you can find some really great makeup tips including this awesome tell all about how to line your inner lower lid, what colors to use and how close to the inner corner of each eye you want to get.

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