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The Maker by Christopher Kezelos

Instantly one of my favorite animations of all time!  Hauntingly beautiful music and story.  Watch below!


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The Cat With Hands

I have to stop watching creepy videos late at night…  I’m starting to get nightmares.  But, just so that I know I’m not alone, here’s a slightly less creepy, slightly more cool video by Robert Morgan.


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Drift by Carl Burton

I love Carl’s animations, they’re surreal and beautiful.  Enjoy (^_^)


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Revolution :: Pilot Episode to Air This Fall

Set in post-apocalyptic America, Revolution follows one family after the world’s electricity goes out for good.  Watch the trailer below.

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Amanda Palmer Stop-Animation Music Video

I just love this and wanted to share 🙂  Also, not entirely safe for work viewing as there is gratuitous nudity!

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Happy People All Over The World Dancing

Usually APOD posts these really awesome pictures of the cosmos, but today I got a little surprise when I opened up the link and found this video of people all over the world dancing.  You can’t help but smile and giggle (^_^)

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Dark Knight Rises Trailer

Maybe I should call this Trailer Friday or something…  Whatever I end up calling this trailer day of mine, Batman remains my all-time favorite hero.  Here, I share with you, the official trailer for Dark Knight Rises which is, in a word, EPIC.  Due to be out in the summer of 2012 I will let this masterpiece of a trailer speak for itself.

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