Hello!  I am Noël and this is my wonderful, full of wonder, eclectic blog.  My main focus is crocheting, but I also like to post things like beauty articles, makeup tutorials, amazing art and animation, fun and interesting shops I find on the web, recipes, and lots about DIY and interior design ideas.  I am hoping to have the time to post video or photo tutorials, but this is hard since I have a full time job.

I myself am never just any one thing and am often told by friends that I’m best categorized as “just you, Noël” which seems to mean that I love new things so much that I’m never tied down to any particular style or way of being.  Because I am such an eclectic person I didn’t want a blog that restricted me to any one thing.

I live in Denver, Colorado in my ridiculously tiny studio apartment with my rapidly growing collection of succulents and in which I am always experimenting with new ways to store and display things in my home.  I have been crocheting since I was around 6 years old and everything that I know about crochet, except for the granny square taught to me by my grandmother all those years ago, I have learned on my own.



  1. Here is your One Lovely Blog Award. Congratulations!


  2. what a cute idea!

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