Tarantino Tantalizes with Trailer for Upcoming Film The Man With The Iron Fists

I am a fool for Tarantino films, from the dialogue heavy Jackie Brown and the hilarity riddled Four Rooms, to the more recent Kill Bill volumes 1 and volume 2 and Machete, I have developed a deep love for the creative genius of Quentin Tarantino.  Today I have come before you to share a trailer for the upcoming film The Man With The Iron Fists.

Comparable to both The Warrior’s Way and Sucker Punch in both martial arts extravaganza and panty sneak peaks, The Man With The Iron Fists follows a blacksmith (Wu Tang’s RZA) living in feudal China who dons a pair of self-made iron fists to protect his village. Though who he is protecting the village from is obvious in the trailer as one villain after another, including my favorite villainess Lucy Liu, scrolls across the screen, the why of said protection is not yet apparent.

Truly the dialogue and martial arts is the main focus of this film, but I am not complaining!


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