Spring Garden Tool Care and DIY Storage Bin

Photo courtesy of Gardentherapy.ca

This might be where we all realize the distinction between me and “the rest of the world”, but I love cleaning, repairing, touching up paint and raking the lawn.  This joy may stem from a need to have order in my life, the realization that there is only so much I can actually control, and the subsequent decision to seek order where it can easily be obtained/achieved.  There is also the possibility that I’m mildly obsessive compulsive.

Either way, there is something very Zen that happens for me whenever I set aside time in a day for small maintenance work around my house.  Whether I’m cleaning the house, organizing my craft area or tending to my small, steadily growing garden of various succulents or chopping vegetables for meals I plan to make during the week, I just feel relaxed and busy with what is important to me.  Laundry still remains the bane of my existence with it’s endless monotony, however.

So I’m sharing this little how-to from Garden Therapy on taking care of your gardening tools as well as an imaginative way to keep your tools organized.  Click here for the full post and how-to.


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