Saag Paneer

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This is, hands down, my favorite Indian dish!  That’s hard for me to say because I cook manly, and almost only, Indian food every night and I love it all, but saag paneer is such a delight for me that I’m afraid to make it myself.  Either the end result is way too spinach-tastic or it’s bland as white rice.  With most curries I can just add more butter or sugar to bring out more dynamic in the flavor (mmm salt, fat and sugar), but I just cannot get my saag paneer to cooperate.

101 Cook Books has been my savior time and time again when it comes to new and/or scary recipes such as the baked Brussels sprouts I desperately wanted to try, but kept ending up with either burned lumps or cabbage balls that tasted of non of the spices I’d added.  So I’m excited about this recipe because this might mean that I will have the delicious saag paneer I’ve always dreamed of being able to make!

Find the recipe for the saag paneer at 101 Cookbooks here.

Find the recipe for the paneer at Journey Kitchen here.

Find the recipe for the ghee at Hungry Tigress here.



  1. So pretty! thanks for sharing this – I adore saag dishes.

    • twistedewe said

      Me too! If I didn’t already have plans for Bombay potatoes tonight I’d be all over this recipe for dinner (^_^)

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