Do You Know What To Do in a Home Emergency?

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I’d like to say that I’ve never experienced any major catastrophes in any of the places I’ve lived in as an adult, but I did once have a hose break in the kitchen sink.  I had placed my mop bucket into the kitchen sink to fill with hot water, turned on the hot water and had headed off in the direction of the bathroom (headphones blaring) to finish cleaning up in there.  I wiped down the bathroom sink and got the little dust bunnies behind the toilet while I waited for the water to get hot only to return to a veritable lake in my kitchen, water cascading down from the cabinets under the sink.

Luckily all I had to do was turn off the water and mop up the mess, but sometimes home disasters involve much more horror and fear and leave us emotionally scared for life.  Thus I am sharing Apartment Therapy’s list of links so that we might all arm ourselves with knowledge!  Find Apartment Therapy’s full post and link list here.


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