I love sangria.  Red has always been my favorite, which is odd because I don’t really like red wine.  I’ll drink red wine and sometimes I am pleasantly surprised with its goodness, but I much prefer a white wine to red whenever I’m drinking wine on its own.

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When it comes to sangria, I sometimes think I’m really after all the alcohol infused fruit and sugar whenever I order it, but I’m not convinced of that since it’s the red sangria that I can already taste when I’m perusing the aisles at my local boozery or when I’m getting ready to order my drink at a restaurant.  Find my favorite red recipe here.

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Despite my love for red sangria I have decided that I will make my own white sangria as well this summer!  I thought that having something new around the fridge would be nice this summer, but also red and white sangria sounds like an excellent idea for me and Sweet’s house warming party this summer.  Click here for the white recipe I’m going to try this summer and enjoy!



  1. Micha said

    I’m with you — I prefer white wine over red wine to drink, but prefer red sangria! Go figure…

    • twistedewe said

      There must be magic at work! That’s the only logical answer (^_^).

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