Resumé Renovation

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I’ve had a job and have been working since I was 12, my logic behind this being that I grew up in foster care and even from a young age I felt the day I would turn 18 and be ousted from my foster homes and thrust into the world of adulthood looming closer with every birthday.  Regardless of my work ethic superpower, I down right sucked at writing resumés!

After many years of practice and lots of trial and error I can write much better resumés, but they’re still just boring black text on a single white sheet.  Now there is Loft Resumés to help your boring resumé stand out in the pile; hooray!  Better yet, each template comes completed with example text so you’re not sitting there trying to figure out exactly what you’re supposed to be writing in each little box or bubble.

Visit Loft Resumés at the link above and also read A Cup of Joe’s take on this new resumé tool here.


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