Apartment Therapy’s Tips For Splitting Chores with Roommates

Photo courtesy of ApartmentTherapy.com

If you’ve ever met me, you would hear me say that I was raised with roommates.  Growing up in foster care can teach you a lot about yourself and other people and though it’s up to us as adults to decide what we do with all that experience, I managed to form a more healthy view than most on both accounts.

One thing about living with other people that makes it so dang hard is that you can’t control anyone else or anyone else’s behavior except you and your own.  You can ask and ask, leave notes and demand, you can even try to band together with the other roommates to have a sit down or to just plain kick the offender out, but there is a much simpler solution!

Have a talk before they bring one item of theirs into the house.  Before they ever sign that lease, have a good chat about what your house is like and that your rules and the rules of the house are nonnegotiable.  Don’t worry about coming off crazy or overbearing!  If they think you’re a neat-freak or they think that you’re uptight, GOOD!  They won’t want to live there and they will seek other individuals that better suit their lifestyle than you and your house would.

Apartment Therapy’s list of tips for splitting chores among roommates is invaluable to any and all who are in the land of roommates so head on over to read Apartment Therapy’s post here and absorb the wisdom!


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