PayPal Goes Mobile!

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This is exactly what I’ve been looking for; a simple and easy to use system for taking payment for my crafting items.  In addition to credit cards, with PayPal Here you can also take debit cards hosted by Visa, Master Card, etc. as well as checks, and the payment funds are immediately available!  Checks can still take up to 6 days to process, and though most of us don’t take checks these days anyway, it is still nice to know that processing the checks (and even issuing invoices) are free of charge.

PayPal Here operates under PayPal’s usual 2.7% rate for transactions and offer no hidden fees and the card reader and app are free!  Available for both Adroid and iPhone, PayPal Here offers an encrypted card reader and is backed by PayPal’s world class risk management capabilities, unlike other mobile payment solutions.  PayPal Here promises that it is reliable, secure and offers easy transaction processing and fraud protection for you and your customers.

Sign up to be notified when PayPal Here becomes available here and catch Design-Milk’s say on the matter here!


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