Chocolate-Cherry Cookies

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I’m probably the only person who loves to cook that has the feelings that I do about baking; I hate it.  There are a lot of really goofy reasons why, but to put it simply I just don’t understand baking.  I can cook a 20 course meal if presented the chance, but when it comes to baking I simply tuck the box of offending powders into the deepest regions of my pantry and slowly back away.  All I can think about is chemistry and then suddenly I’m filled with visions of blowing up my oven.  I know how ridiculous that is…

Cookies, however, are a totally different story.  Cookies I can do, not because I understand the magic behind the flour, eggs and other whatnot coming together to make a delicious cookie, but because I love eating them.  My desire for fresh-from-the-oven warm cookies and a tall, frosty mug of almond milk or (even better) a few scoops of Rice Dream, non-dairy ice cream (^_^).

Find One Perfect Bite’s full recipe on  here.


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