8 Renter-Friendly Products for Maximizing Bathroom Storage

Photo courtesy of Apartmenttherapy.com

If there’s one thing I love it’s figuring out ways to optimize my storage so that I have more clear surfaces.  There’s nothing like an uncluttered sink, no items balancing on the back of the commode and window sills free of hair and skin care products to make me feel like I have a nice relaxing space for my spa days at home.

Apartment Therapy has graciously done some of the work for us with this article on some inventive ways to de-clutter and organize your bathroom.

Personally I think that this shower curtain from Urban Outfitters will be my first purchase!



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  2. tim said

    It’s a pretty sweet shower curtain – we had one at my rental house in Boulder – but don’t get it from Urban Outfitters: http://freethoughtblogs.com/nataliereed/2012/03/19/proving-skeptics-wrong-urban-outfitters-successfully-stoops-even-lower/

    • twistedewe said

      Rad! I actually opted for over the door hanging shoe organizers from the Container Store since my shower curtain is an extension rod and I’m afraid it’ll come crashing down one day hahaha.

      I bought three, put one on the outside of the closet door for yarn, one on the inside of the bathroom door for toiletries and more yarn and one on the inside of the front door for shoes and no yarn (^_~).

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