Affordable Art

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If there’s one thing I have a lot of trouble with, it’s putting things on my walls.  If I had it my way I’d have floor to ceiling shelving in every room of the house, but sometimes that’s just not realistic for me as a permanent renter and something of a lazy pants.  And so I must always be on the lookout for amazing things to put up on my walls.

Lucky for me Heart and Home’s Online Magazine posted about Coloursoup and their promise to provide the finest affordable art.  After some perusing of the site I discovered that yes indeed there is quite an assortment of lovely pieces for affordable prices though I haven’t quite figured out their search bar; it doesn’t seem to allow you to enter in specific items/subject matter you might be looking for.

I picked the above photo, entitled Point of Ayr taken by John Eastwood, because I absolutely adore lighthouses.  Growing up on Cape Cod for most of my life I never thought I’d miss them and the beach as much as I do now living in a landlocked state.

See Heart & Home’s full post on Coloursoup here.


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