Thoughts and Progress

So I’ve been working hard lately on my creative business venture, what I want it to be, how I can stay organized and motivated, how I can easily explain my business to others so that not only will my customers and clients see someone who offers a tea and crafting shop with community activities and classes available, but so they’ll see that I have my head busy in the land of changing people’s lives with what I create and have to offer.

Mine is an idea steeped deeply  in community; bringing people together, offering those interested in new skills and also the opportunities to meet new friends and develop hobbies that can both last a lifetime.

My dream stems from being raised in foster care and having no real sense of family or belonging for far too many years.  To me bringing people together is more than providing a service, a class, a hobby or a place.  Bringing people together offers them the chance to see that being accepted is not all that you need when you feel lost, you need to have something that’s entirely yours.  Something that no one gave you and no one can take away.  Something that travels as often as you do or is as complicated as necessary to keep all those busy and annoying parts of your brain busy.

What’s got me down this more esoteric line of thought in regard to my business is a blog I’ve been following for a few months now called The Business of Being Creative.  I highly recommend it for anyone who is starting any kind of venture whether it’s a business, a shop, becoming a girl/boy scout leader, or even starting a community garden.

This blog has been instrumental to me not because the author (Sean Low) gives me answers for those tricky questions, but because he poses so many important questions in each post that I keep thinking all week long.  Sometimes I write down a tidbit of advice I don’t ever want to forget and sometimes I just feel empowered to ask someone more knowledgeable than me their opinion on a piece of advice given.

No matter what your passions are, I’ve learned that one of the most important things to think about is not how you can get “there”, but what does your business really mean to you?  Why do you want to open that shop, start that community garden or begin taking donations to send to third world countries?  Do you want to get your project going because you want to or because you believe that you can inspire people to be more than just human?


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