A Fantastic Site for Spices

Anyone who loves cooking as much as I do knows all about how much money can go toward spices alone.  Personally my passion is Indian food.  I love cooking Indian food!  I love people walking into my house and exclaiming how good it smells (except when I’m using a lot of cumin and my whole house smells a bit like B.O.).  I especially love eating Indian food (^_^), but when you spend over $40 per meal, a lot of the fun of cooking is taken away and replaced with a sudden desire to go on a frozen dinner kick for a while.

Well I am here to save your cooking day with Spices of India, an over-seas based website offering super cheap Indian spices and accoutrements.  Even if you don’t cook that much Indian food or don’t cook any Indian food, you might still find a few things on here that you really like.  In addition to the large assortment of ground and whole spices, you can find incense, breads and poppadums for frying!

One of the things I love most about this site is that when you click on a spice, curry pack, or chutney you’ll see a short descriptive blurb about the item and also ways to use your item like say on a delicious steak you want to enhance with one of their spice rubs.

Just remember that this is a British site so there is an exchange rate to keep in mind.  I looked the exchange rate up and currently it is 1 silver pound = $1.5834.

Happy shopping!



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