Valentines and Cooking Again

Sweets and I celebrated our Valentine’s Day on Saturday night and part of Sunday with delicious dinner and amazing breakfast (all cooked up by yours truly) and ending with getting our laundry done haha.

I had decided that I was going to start cooking again this weekend, which I am more excited about than I had thought I’d be.  I had stopped cooking because either I had so many roommates who would always expect to be fed or would simply start making themselves plates of my half finished rice and curries or (as is the case in my current studio) I have so little kitchen space that cooking becomes more of a circus act of finding new places to set down my cutting board since I have absolutely no counter space.  So as part of our Valentine’s Day together, Sweets and I went through my favorite Indian cookbook and picked out a bunch of things we’d like to have for dinners this week.

I also made those handmade makeup wipes and liquid make up remover (both of which call for the same three ingredients, by the way) and I’m loving them!  The wipes didn’t get all my waterproof mascara off last night, but I think that the liquid makeup remover on a Q-tip will work.

On the crafting front I spent every available second catching up on the massive lace order for my client McNabb and wishing I had more time for my vintage lace scarves or throw pillows <sigh>.  The good news is I’m all caught up and can get back to making the seven pieces a day like I was before lol.

Sorry no pics today, I didn’t er… have time to take them this weekend <giggles>


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