There’s Still Time for Valentine’s Day Prep!

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There’s a cake pop obsession in the air that can only be quelled by the purchase of a Babycakes Cake Pop Maker and other cake making requirements.

My original plans for making cake pops were confined to having delicious treats to hand out to people at craft shows and as a birthday cake alternative, and I still believe these are very good ideas; I mean who doesn’t love free cake at a craft show or tiny bites of cake for us sugar challened individuals?  But cake pops on valentine’s day is just plain cute.

I think I just love that you can customize each cake pop instead of frosting a whole cake.  I get impatient trying to get the frosting even!

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For those of you with lovely ladies in your life or for the couples who like to get extra intimate with shared tub time, Elleandblair have a cupcake bath bomb recipe that will make you and your special someone smell nice and have soft skin.

If you or your sweetie have any allergies on the list of ingredients or just have super sensitive skin, try a gentle oatmeal bath such as Lusaorganics’ baby bath bundle.  Containing all the wonderful sensitive skin care ingredients such as dried calendula flowers, dried lavender flowers, dried chamomile flowers, and Essential oil options like lavender or patchouli .

Happy Soaking!

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These earrings at Shayisa’s shop on Etsy are the most beautiful earrings I’ve seen in quite a while and I’m one of those earring obsessed ladies who has to force herself to stay away from the jewelry isles (and makeup!) every time I’m in a store.

At her shop you’ll find many assortments of these kinds of pretend zero-gauge post earrings showing some of the most exquisite detail and in beautiful colors so that you can match every outfit or simply find your favorite color.

These gorgeous black swan earrings my just end up being my Valentine’s gift to myself!

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Ladies, if you’re looking for something sassy to wear either this weekend or next on your hot date, I highly recommend signing up for the fashion sale update site just about every designer known to human kind has at least one sale on here every month and there are many repeat designers.  From BCBGMAXAZRIA to Prada, all the well-known designers appear on ideeli at low prices.  There is always a fair assortment of up and coming or new to the runway designers as well.

Whether you’re looking for clothes, shoes, bags, things for baby, kitchen items, vacation deals or makeup and hair care products, Idelli will have a little of everything!

Don’t forget about all the amazing fashion items available on Etsy though!  Find your state and shop locally if you can and support your local artisans and shops.  Or if you’re more of a DIY gal or guy, try something fun and easy with a simple crafty tutorial such as these duct tape roses on; buy some pretty pink or red duct tape and get going!  Trust me, they look beautiful when they’re done.

Happy Hunting!

Photo Courtesy of Lion Brand Yarn

Last, but not least, for all my fellow crafters!  Lion Brand is having a 20% off sale up through February 17th so get all your favorite colors for that afghan, sweater or yarn-wrapped Valentine’s day wreath you’ve been trying to finish and get to crafting!



  1. Morgan Miller said

    The swan earrings look wicked!

    • twistedewe said

      Happy Birthday, little sis! ❤ Hope you've received my litany of texts today hahaha!

      • Morgan Miller said

        Thank you! My phone has been shut off 😦
        I wanted you to at least know I was still alive in case you were trying to reach me so I found your blog and subscribed. I won’t have a phone for a little while so send me emails at

      • twistedewe said

        Good to know! I’d been texting you to see how you are, lol. I’ll share this email address with Autumn so she can wish you a happy birthday too 😀

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