Some Simple Valentine Gifts and Decorations

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For me, the year of 2012 is all about trying new things and revisiting ideas that I had once dismissed as impossible or improbable.  I decided to start with buckling down on my research for my craft items and sprucing up my blog only to discover that some new gift ideas were a pretty good start too!

I found these adorable cootie catcher/fortune teller free print outs at and I’m loving it!

I have printed this out myself and folded one up and then printed out a few more for folding to give as gifts to friends.  They are just so cute!

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And then there are these gorgeous (and simple to make) paper heart decorations.  There are a couple different styles, so be sure to visit and find your favorite!

Imagine surprising your Sweetie of choice with a house/apartment/room full of lovely Paper heart garlands and streamers!  And also chocolate, don’t forget the chocolate!  Maybe a new pair of heels… or some pretty yarn!

<Ahem>  Moving away from my own personal Valentine’s gift wishlist!

Do something simple or complicated with these easy to make decorations!

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Here we have something a little dark and mysterious at

I’m actually not a huge fan of red velvet cake, but I’ve had a few treats like rice-cream (non-dairy alternative to ice cream) flavored with red velvet and a couple red velvet cookies that I liked so I’m interested to see how this red velvet hot chocolate will come out!

I will have to find a dairy alternative whipped cream recipe to top this off with!  I wish I had one of those gorgeous mugs in the picture, but I’m sure this will great regardless.

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And then these delicious looking strawberry margarita shots for a fun alternative to boozy chocolates.

I know I’ll make these over the summer, or if I were having a Valentine’s Day party, but for just me and Sweets I think I’ll hold off on these hahaha.

Find the recipe at LivLifeToo and see if you’d like to give these a whirl!  Or, if you’re the type who hates Valentine’s Day, make these and eat them all in front of your favorite horror flick (what I used to do when I was a Valentine’s Day hater) or have your own anti-Valentine party.

Have fun, be safe, and happy Valentine’s Day!


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