Moving Along

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I’m not sure if I posted about this book earlier in my blog or simply added it to my To-Read list on, but I purchased this book through my favorite online bookstore last week and it just arrived in the mail at my office!  Hooray (^_^)!

Most of the product pictures I’ve taken (for this blog, for instance) have relied heavily on natural window light and though they haven’t been all that bad, I’m looking to get just a little more creative than my current know-how will allow me.

I’ve had time to flip through and read about f-stop settings and lighting techniques and I’m loving it!  This book is specifically geared toward crafters and all lingo is fully explained; a sort of dummy’s guide to photography for crafters, if you will.

Special thanks to my good buddy Alex, who bought me my Lumix DMC-FS15 Panasonic camera several years ago!


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