A Saturday Snowday with My Sweets

Good morning snowy neighborhood!

A super healthy start to our day with peanut butter for our dry toast, egg white omelet with spinach, mushrooms and onions and sliced tomatoes.

Purchases of yarn and a free bundle of dried flowers that I made into a yummy smelling potpourri bowl.  The yarn is for lace scarf examples that co-shop owner Suzie might like for me to begin crocheting for her shop on Broadway called Zia’s.

Our beautiful walk home from our day of shopping.

The potpourri bowl made from the free bundle of flowers I received that are now making my apartment smell amazing (^_^).

A picture that shows my favorite handmade bowl.  Tonight spells more X-Files reruns and hot soup for me and Sweets!

Now bon vie.  Bon vie to you all.


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