Just One of Those Days…

Photo Courtesey of ICanHazCheezburger.com

Firstly I want to report that craft night last night was a blast!  I had had all these plans of getting virtual TONS of crocheting done, but had spent so much time talking that I only got one stinkin’ piece of lace completed before Sweets and I left.

After craft night, Sweets and I went to Sketch Bar again and enjoyed their Tuesday Night Date Night special menu.  We decided to share plates of the 3-course meal and chose a prosciutto and olive spread bruschetta, then had a small dish of white pesto gnocchis, followed up by a wonderful vanilla infused mashed potatoes, wilted spinach and the best pork I have ever had that had been prepared with a wonderful mix of cured onions and sweet figs.  But all of the awesome of last night only makes me more frustrated by today.  Today has been an off day.

We’ve all had them, those days where we feel that not only did we wake up on the wrong side of the bed, but we may just have been born on the wrong side of the bed.  It becomes a day to crawl back into bed or hide in the couch cushions.  A day whose events convince you that today all of your days of hedonism have finally caught up with you and it may be time to put the bowl down for good because it certainly isn’t doing you any favors.

I don’t want to give the wrong impression, I haven’t been having a bad day, just an off day.  They day began with the realization that I still haven’t picked up my February bus pass, continued with me almost crying at the bus stop because I thought I had lost the cash I had to walk all the way to the gas station to get, but turned out to be in the other pocket, and then there has been madness at work all day so far…






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