All The Good Love

This has been a pretty rad weekend so far!  Lot’s of crocheting and spending time with mah sweetie beginning with a fantastic breakfast at Cafe Europa, a Goodwill trip and then a delectable lunch of preserved olives, Italian goat cheese, a stinky cow cheese, a lovely Gouda, some lovely figs and the strongest sangria I have ever tasted at the Sketch bar.  We were a wee bit tipsy when we left!

Our Goodwill run involved me dropping off all my old and ill-fitting clothes and finding a couple hot little skirts as well as the box of swag shown above.  Those wine glasses were $0.99 cents each and each frame was either $0.99 or $1.99 except for the big one in the back, that was $6.99.  I plan to glue crocheted borders onto the smaller frames and then sell them.  That beautiful large one in the back I bought for keeps.  I hate the teal mat, but the frame is gorgeous.  I might use that in my craft show booth to put a sign in or something.

These are two mugs I found at Goodwill.  I love the oranges one, it puts you in a good mood just looking at it.

And now for pics of some of the items I’ve been posting about and have not posted pics.  The above is one granny square for a set of throw pillows for a friend of mine who loves pink.

Here are those owls I’ve been posting about lately.  The bottom four owls have not been blocked yet so they’re a bit curly around the edges, but  I did want to show the colors I’ve been using.  The cabochons for the eyes have not arrived yet so they’re all eyeless and do not yet exude the level of cuteness that they will once they’re completed.

This is a pic of one type of flower I’m making right now.  I’m liking these so much right now that I’m thinking that these will be the flowers I make into the barrettes, clips, magnets and also to sell as sew on patches.  The brighter flowers will come, but right now all of these colors are all I have for yarn.  I plan to buy brighter colors for the other flower blossom pattern I have at a later date.

Today Sweets, Carrie, Dani and myself go off to the scenic mountain town of Breckenridge to look at some ice sculptures (^_^).  I pray that I do not forget my camera.  I also pray, now that I think of it, that I do not forget I have my camera, as occasionally happens.


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