Owl Eyes & The Dentist

Photo Courtesey of Accessory Place @ Etsy.com

These are the beautiful scrap booking cabochons that I have picked out to be the eyes of my adorable owls.  Aren’t they perfect?!  I purchased 100 of these on Etsy.com at the Accessory Place for $13 and I feel quite the thrifty shopper at the moment.

I was originally hoping to find flat back, high dome, half circle buttons to sew on because I feel that sewing something on is far more sturdy than gluing, but I decided that the heavy duty adhesive gel I have at home will work just fine.  Besides, I’m going to crochet little sleepy eyelids over these and that may serve to hold the cabochons on just that much better.

Also I went to the dentist for the first time in 10 years after work yesterday…

Now I know what you’re thinking, but no, my mouth was not a cesspit of calculus, tartar and decay.  Apparently I have super saliva that is abundant with ass kicking, plaque fighting power.  Also, I brush and floss every day.  As it turns out, I actually brush way too hard so in addition to the ridiculous sensitivity I’ve been experiencing for some time now, I had some staining on a few teeth.  Both of these things lead me to believe that I had an entire mouth full of cavities, but no!  My dental hygienist, after instructing me on some better brushing and flossing techniques, informed me that I have beautiful, perfect teeth and not a single cavity.  I believe huzzahs are in order.

  Side note, if you’re looking for the definition of tooth calculus or are checking to be sure you’ve spelled the word correctly, do NOT google the words “calculus on teeth.”  You will be sorry.



  1. i miss you and your beautiful teeth buttercup! ❤ i've been avoiding the dentist
    for years. you've inspired me…i think i'll make an appointment finally as well.

  2. twistedewe said

    I miss you too 🙂 I know it’s been a while since I’ve called or chatted on IM, but I know how busy you are with new baby Morgie. Glad to be an inspiration and hope we get to hang again soon!

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