Adventures in Blocking

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Blocking is a task in crocheting and knitting where you dampen a piece you’ve just made and pin it to a firm surface so that when the piece dries, it will hold the shape it’s supposed to hold instead of curling up or warping as uneven tension in your stitches or a lot of increases or decreases in a piece can often cause.  It is a task that I often put off not because the piece I’m making doesn’t need it, but because I’m lazy and I don’t care to go that extra mile for a scarf or a pair of socks.  But I have good news!  No longer will my beautiful items curl in on themselves at the edges or have odd bumps and dips for I have mastered the simple art of blocking!

This newly developing habit was brought on by the owls I posted about in yesterday’s post.  Due to their small size and the complicated nature of the stitches involved (they’re made with a crocodile stitch, if anyone was wondering) the owls do not sit pretty the way the picture in yesterday’s post suggests.  In fact, the heads curl up like they were introduced to a flame and the tummies curl inward on their backsides to the point where I’ve been thinking they might make better change purses than magnets and pins.  But I blocked the hell out of those little buggers and now they sit pretty like aunt Myrtle’s beloved Pomeranian.

Also, I’ve found three balls of yarn in the deep recesses of my craft bin!  You know what that means?  MORE OWLS!



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