Owls, Owls Everywhere

So I’ve narrowed down my experimental crochet projects to three patterns I’ve either found or purchased on the webs to owls, flowers and little nondescript birdies.  I plan to use all three of these in a variety of items; I can sew them onto my throw pillows, onto bags, turn them into magnets or pins, or sell them by themselves as patches to put wherever you want a little zazz.

Photo Courtesey of CAROcreated on Ravelry.com

So far I think the owls are my favorites (^_^).  The end result of these little guys is an owl roughly 4 inches tall, but I plan to use a heavier weight yarn and a larger hook to make ones to hang on the wall.

Photo Courtesey of Attic24.typepad.com

I’m excited about these flowers because they are made using a 3 ply sport/fingering weight yarn instead of the crochet cotton thread I was using, which means that these blossoms are way faster and easier to make.  Also I can use the same yarn I’m using to make the owls.

Photo Courtesey of Annettepetavy.com

I really like this pattern too, but I haven’t made one of these yet so I don’t know whether or not I’ll make these in addition to or instead of the blossoms above.

Photo Courtesey of Oodles4noodles.blogspot.com

These chicks are super cute, but, once again, I’m not sure if I’ll make these or the ones below.

Photo Courtesey of Livingthecraftlife.blogspot.com

I like these birds better only because they have little wings.

Photo Courtesey of Thecreativemama.com

This I wanted to share because these are the colors that I like the most for my tea/craft shop to be as well as for my craft tables.  I have plans to crochet lace borders onto pillowcases but I want to get more birdies, owls and flowers made before I start trying to tackle pillowcases.


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