Wall Ideas

Over the weekend (Sunday to be exact) my Sweets and I helped friends Carrie and Liz bring a couch and comfy chair over to mutual buddy Dani’s new apartment.  If you’re anything like me, there’s nothing in the world like helping a friend out with a project to get you pumped about your own projects in progress and projects yet to come.  In my case, my excitement for moving in with my Sweets at the end of the summer bubbled up to the top of my Awesome Things For 2012 list.

In my refreshed state of mind I decided to go through some of my Pinterest boards, and while talking to an out of state buddy that has also recently moved, I rediscovered my love of wall decals!

This first Pic showing the grey forest wall tiles I like for an entry way, but might do well in a dining area.  I don’t have any color ideas firm in my mind for an entry way or a dining area, but I really like this wall tile and hope I can find a good spot for it.

Photo Courtesey of Blik Wall Decals

This second pic shows the most adorable little decals to stick however you want.  I would really like to have a pale yellow, sun shiny kitchen and these little bugs and flowers would be such a cute addition to my bright and happy kitchen.

Photo Courtesey of Blik Wall Decals

Sweets and I haven’t yet gone through any ideas for design and colors, so I’m not getting my heart set on anything until we do, but these are my two big ideas that I’m putting on the table for suggestion.  Now that I think about it, the grey forest would be cool in a bathroom if I covered the whole bathroom floor to ceiling with the tiles!

Biggest helpful hint for home projects: One At A Time!  Nothing will get you to put off finishing a project like starting another one before you’ve finished the first one.

Speaking of one project at a time; I’ve been getting lots of little rose blossoms crocheted to sew to the hair clips.  Once I have a good stack of rose clips done I’ll start making another flower type.  I’m still on the hunt for a brighter spring green crochet thread for the leaves.


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