A Crochet Garden

Photo Courtesey of windrosefiberstudio.blogspot.com

So the roses are coming along nicely!  I decided to use a slightly larger crochet hook and to sew them together much more loosely so that the blossoms look like opened roses rather than tight little buds.  I also found a great pattern for little leaves on Windrosefiberstudio and it’s super easy!  I’ve put a couple roses together on the clips with the leaves and they’re gorgeous!  Pics to come soon, witch’s honor.

Photo Courtesey of Kati Galusz on Ravelry.com

I used a light olive thread for the pastel rose colors like pink and baby blue and then used a hunter thread for the deep red and royal blue colored roses.

I found a ton of patterns for Marigolds, lilies, poppies, apple and cherry blossoms that I’m excited to get working on, but I want to get more rose barrette pairs done before I start working on any other flower styles.  The tulips in the second pic are going to be made into pins for jackets or whatever you want to pin them on.

I’m just glad to have found something simple to make that people might like at long last!  I still plan to make pillows, but I’m stuck between making just the pillow covers and making pillows with pillow forms in already.  And of course I’ll still be perfecting my headband pattern.


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