It’s Snowing! Also, Roses!

This is probably the dumbest thing anyone has ever heard, but I’ve never seen whole snow flakes like this!  In Massachusetts the show comes down in massive white clumps resembling misshapen ping pong balls rather than intricate little lace works like what I saw this morning.

Then again, how often does anyone take close looks at snow flakes anyway?  So I guess in the regard of being observant and one who “takes the time to smell the roses,” I feel kind of special now.

Speaking of roses, I have come up with an idea all my own for my Etsy site and craft shows!  My friend and coworker Jill had asked me to make her some throw pillows with some big yellow roses on them.  When I found my pattern for roses I thought to myself, self, I bet I can make these tiny and sew them to barrettes!  And so I did.

This is a pic of one of my little blue roses on a simple clip, but I bought some French Barrettes and green felt at Hobby Lobby as well.  My plan for the French barrettes is to sew a small cluster of roses and leaves to the green felt and then glue the whole shebang to the French barrette.

Remembering back to when I had my waist length hair and all my subsequent struggles to find barrettes that would not slide right back out of my hair, wouldn’t get caught in my hair, or would actually fit around my super thick pony tails without breaking in my hands, I selected the barrettes that caused me the least amount of pain, suffering and/or frustration.


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