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Fancy Tiger Tuesday!

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For those of you who don’t know, Fancy Tiger crafting supply shop extraordinaire has moved to a new location at 59 Broadway in good ol’ Denver Colorado.  Looking at the Events page on their website will show you that there is a grand opening party February 3rd, for anyone interested in attending.

However, the grand opening, a great hootenanny to-be for sure, is not why I am posting about Fancy Tiger.  I am posting about Fancy Tiger because tonight I will begin attending their open craft night which occurs every Tuesday night from 6pm to 9pm.  I am excited about this because there is the potential to not only get in some serious crafting hours in every week, but also because I get to show the other attendees what I’ve been creating and get some helpful feed back on what’s popular for sale right now.  I might even get some insight on the better craft shows to sign up as a vendor for and maybe some DOs and DON’Ts of being a vendor and selling on

Hope all of your Tuesdays can be as equally fancy as mine no matter what you’re creating!


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Ice and Snow Sculptures in Breckenridge!

Superfly Dani in pink shades

Extra special homemade real hot chocolate oohs and ahhs

Me, Sweets and Lorrin at the Irish Pub

Carrie and Dani at the Irish Pub

Carrie and Dani each pick a nostril on the snow horse

Carrie and Dani climb the toy car slide of snow and ice

Car-nage at the bottom of the slide of snow and ice

Giant octopus attacks a ship!

Giant octopus continues to attack ship!

Giant koi ascend the magical waterfall

Two sides of a monument to the four seasons, each madalion within the arches bearing a symbol of one season. Here we see a snowflake for winter and a cluster of oak leaves and acorns for fall.

Snow men!

A lovely carousel of pretty horses

A shanty town man and the tops of some people's heads

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All The Good Love

This has been a pretty rad weekend so far!  Lot’s of crocheting and spending time with mah sweetie beginning with a fantastic breakfast at Cafe Europa, a Goodwill trip and then a delectable lunch of preserved olives, Italian goat cheese, a stinky cow cheese, a lovely Gouda, some lovely figs and the strongest sangria I have ever tasted at the Sketch bar.  We were a wee bit tipsy when we left!

Our Goodwill run involved me dropping off all my old and ill-fitting clothes and finding a couple hot little skirts as well as the box of swag shown above.  Those wine glasses were $0.99 cents each and each frame was either $0.99 or $1.99 except for the big one in the back, that was $6.99.  I plan to glue crocheted borders onto the smaller frames and then sell them.  That beautiful large one in the back I bought for keeps.  I hate the teal mat, but the frame is gorgeous.  I might use that in my craft show booth to put a sign in or something.

These are two mugs I found at Goodwill.  I love the oranges one, it puts you in a good mood just looking at it.

And now for pics of some of the items I’ve been posting about and have not posted pics.  The above is one granny square for a set of throw pillows for a friend of mine who loves pink.

Here are those owls I’ve been posting about lately.  The bottom four owls have not been blocked yet so they’re a bit curly around the edges, but  I did want to show the colors I’ve been using.  The cabochons for the eyes have not arrived yet so they’re all eyeless and do not yet exude the level of cuteness that they will once they’re completed.

This is a pic of one type of flower I’m making right now.  I’m liking these so much right now that I’m thinking that these will be the flowers I make into the barrettes, clips, magnets and also to sell as sew on patches.  The brighter flowers will come, but right now all of these colors are all I have for yarn.  I plan to buy brighter colors for the other flower blossom pattern I have at a later date.

Today Sweets, Carrie, Dani and myself go off to the scenic mountain town of Breckenridge to look at some ice sculptures (^_^).  I pray that I do not forget my camera.  I also pray, now that I think of it, that I do not forget I have my camera, as occasionally happens.

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Owl Eyes & The Dentist

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These are the beautiful scrap booking cabochons that I have picked out to be the eyes of my adorable owls.  Aren’t they perfect?!  I purchased 100 of these on at the Accessory Place for $13 and I feel quite the thrifty shopper at the moment.

I was originally hoping to find flat back, high dome, half circle buttons to sew on because I feel that sewing something on is far more sturdy than gluing, but I decided that the heavy duty adhesive gel I have at home will work just fine.  Besides, I’m going to crochet little sleepy eyelids over these and that may serve to hold the cabochons on just that much better.

Also I went to the dentist for the first time in 10 years after work yesterday…

Now I know what you’re thinking, but no, my mouth was not a cesspit of calculus, tartar and decay.  Apparently I have super saliva that is abundant with ass kicking, plaque fighting power.  Also, I brush and floss every day.  As it turns out, I actually brush way too hard so in addition to the ridiculous sensitivity I’ve been experiencing for some time now, I had some staining on a few teeth.  Both of these things lead me to believe that I had an entire mouth full of cavities, but no!  My dental hygienist, after instructing me on some better brushing and flossing techniques, informed me that I have beautiful, perfect teeth and not a single cavity.  I believe huzzahs are in order.

  Side note, if you’re looking for the definition of tooth calculus or are checking to be sure you’ve spelled the word correctly, do NOT google the words “calculus on teeth.”  You will be sorry.

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Adventures in Blocking

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Blocking is a task in crocheting and knitting where you dampen a piece you’ve just made and pin it to a firm surface so that when the piece dries, it will hold the shape it’s supposed to hold instead of curling up or warping as uneven tension in your stitches or a lot of increases or decreases in a piece can often cause.  It is a task that I often put off not because the piece I’m making doesn’t need it, but because I’m lazy and I don’t care to go that extra mile for a scarf or a pair of socks.  But I have good news!  No longer will my beautiful items curl in on themselves at the edges or have odd bumps and dips for I have mastered the simple art of blocking!

This newly developing habit was brought on by the owls I posted about in yesterday’s post.  Due to their small size and the complicated nature of the stitches involved (they’re made with a crocodile stitch, if anyone was wondering) the owls do not sit pretty the way the picture in yesterday’s post suggests.  In fact, the heads curl up like they were introduced to a flame and the tummies curl inward on their backsides to the point where I’ve been thinking they might make better change purses than magnets and pins.  But I blocked the hell out of those little buggers and now they sit pretty like aunt Myrtle’s beloved Pomeranian.

Also, I’ve found three balls of yarn in the deep recesses of my craft bin!  You know what that means?  MORE OWLS!


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Owls, Owls Everywhere

So I’ve narrowed down my experimental crochet projects to three patterns I’ve either found or purchased on the webs to owls, flowers and little nondescript birdies.  I plan to use all three of these in a variety of items; I can sew them onto my throw pillows, onto bags, turn them into magnets or pins, or sell them by themselves as patches to put wherever you want a little zazz.

Photo Courtesey of CAROcreated on

So far I think the owls are my favorites (^_^).  The end result of these little guys is an owl roughly 4 inches tall, but I plan to use a heavier weight yarn and a larger hook to make ones to hang on the wall.

Photo Courtesey of

I’m excited about these flowers because they are made using a 3 ply sport/fingering weight yarn instead of the crochet cotton thread I was using, which means that these blossoms are way faster and easier to make.  Also I can use the same yarn I’m using to make the owls.

Photo Courtesey of

I really like this pattern too, but I haven’t made one of these yet so I don’t know whether or not I’ll make these in addition to or instead of the blossoms above.

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These chicks are super cute, but, once again, I’m not sure if I’ll make these or the ones below.

Photo Courtesey of

I like these birds better only because they have little wings.

Photo Courtesey of

This I wanted to share because these are the colors that I like the most for my tea/craft shop to be as well as for my craft tables.  I have plans to crochet lace borders onto pillowcases but I want to get more birdies, owls and flowers made before I start trying to tackle pillowcases.

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Wall Ideas

Over the weekend (Sunday to be exact) my Sweets and I helped friends Carrie and Liz bring a couch and comfy chair over to mutual buddy Dani’s new apartment.  If you’re anything like me, there’s nothing in the world like helping a friend out with a project to get you pumped about your own projects in progress and projects yet to come.  In my case, my excitement for moving in with my Sweets at the end of the summer bubbled up to the top of my Awesome Things For 2012 list.

In my refreshed state of mind I decided to go through some of my Pinterest boards, and while talking to an out of state buddy that has also recently moved, I rediscovered my love of wall decals!

This first Pic showing the grey forest wall tiles I like for an entry way, but might do well in a dining area.  I don’t have any color ideas firm in my mind for an entry way or a dining area, but I really like this wall tile and hope I can find a good spot for it.

Photo Courtesey of Blik Wall Decals

This second pic shows the most adorable little decals to stick however you want.  I would really like to have a pale yellow, sun shiny kitchen and these little bugs and flowers would be such a cute addition to my bright and happy kitchen.

Photo Courtesey of Blik Wall Decals

Sweets and I haven’t yet gone through any ideas for design and colors, so I’m not getting my heart set on anything until we do, but these are my two big ideas that I’m putting on the table for suggestion.  Now that I think about it, the grey forest would be cool in a bathroom if I covered the whole bathroom floor to ceiling with the tiles!

Biggest helpful hint for home projects: One At A Time!  Nothing will get you to put off finishing a project like starting another one before you’ve finished the first one.

Speaking of one project at a time; I’ve been getting lots of little rose blossoms crocheted to sew to the hair clips.  Once I have a good stack of rose clips done I’ll start making another flower type.  I’m still on the hunt for a brighter spring green crochet thread for the leaves.

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