Concerning Hobbits & Other Plans

Aside from Hobbit movie news, I am headed to Vegas tonight to meet mah sweetie’s parents!  Huzzah!  I do wish I were going further south though and that there’d be a beach (^_^).  Ahhhh…. the beach!  But I’ve never been to Vegas so I’m still pretty excited.  I hope we have time to do some fun things like see the Belagio water fountain thing, but I’m kind of a wuss when it comes to the thought of spending any time on the strip.

Sophie loved the frog hat I dropped off to her yesterday and she assures me that the recipient will love it too.  And then I picked up some Indian food, watched some Firefly (which frustrates me with its insistence that I should be able to understand Chinese…), packed up my bag and tried to get some sleep.


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