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Christmas In Vegas

I have recently returned from my wonderful trip to Vegas to meet mah Sweetie’s parents.  I am here to tell you that Vegas is still pretty rad despite it’s seedy reputation.  I will be uploading pics as soon as Sweets returns with the camera!  In the meantime, here is a short film showing an example of some of the most beautiful mechanics I have ever seen.


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Concerning Hobbits & Other Plans

Aside from Hobbit movie news, I am headed to Vegas tonight to meet mah sweetie’s parents!  Huzzah!  I do wish I were going further south though and that there’d be a beach (^_^).  Ahhhh…. the beach!  But I’ve never been to Vegas so I’m still pretty excited.  I hope we have time to do some fun things like see the Belagio water fountain thing, but I’m kind of a wuss when it comes to the thought of spending any time on the strip.

Sophie loved the frog hat I dropped off to her yesterday and she assures me that the recipient will love it too.  And then I picked up some Indian food, watched some Firefly (which frustrates me with its insistence that I should be able to understand Chinese…), packed up my bag and tried to get some sleep.

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Look What I Can Do!

A Hand crocheted frog hat with ear flaps and love in every stitch for my buddy Sophie who will, in turn, be giving this to a friend of hers for the holiday season.  Given extra character by the crooked eyes hahahaha.  Thanks to our receptionist who was kind enough to model for me!

Speaking of the holiday season, I have for your enjoyment a short story by D.K. Thompson called St. Nicholas’ Helper.  Posted on one of my all time favorite short story sites  It is the first short story listed on the site, just scroll down, click and enjoy!

May your holiday be bright, or dark, however you most prefer it to be (^_^).

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I need to see this movie.  I will see this movie and hopefully some of you will see this movie.  Then, and only then, will we talk about this movie.

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Mirror Mirror on The Wall…

Hello, friends!  Long time no post.

I love this.  Spreading the idea that large women are sexy too is not a new concept, I’m not the first person to post this video on my blog (in fact I’m probably the last person to get on this wagon) and this definitely won’t be the last time that a widely accepted norm is flipped like this.  I just like large women getting the publicity they deserve.  Large women telling everyone that they’re beautiful too shouldn’t be a statement made safely in the covers of books or in support groups.  If we’re all supposed to tell our daughters and sisters that they’re beautiful just the way they are, then why are all the ads and television characters nothing but waspy-wasited twigs?  Why are so many of the larger characters villains or stupid people for comedic relief?

If all it took for the world to stop avoiding the sun for generations was Coco arriving home with a tan, then maybe this publicity for large women’s lingerie is all it will take for people to realize that all sizes really are beautiful.  Watch that video linked above and tell me that model isn’t hot!

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