One Holiday Down…

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I don’t know about the rest of the world, but I’ve got a real obsession with cleaning tips.  For me, cleaning tips and recipes are like Easter Eggs in video games or occupied Japan tea sets or action figures.  I love to collect them, but mostly I love to share them (^_^).

I love sharing a secret with someone about how to get lipstick out of clothing or how to make your own laundry detergent and people saying “My god!  You’re a genius!”  To which I respond by smiling sweetly and not saying anything because saying “I know” to something like that will make you a jerk.

Well, I have found a veritable gold mine of cleaning tips which I am going to post one of every now and again just to keep things interesting.  Well… to keep things interesting and also because crocheting takes a long time and I can’t post pics of finished projects as often as I’d like.

So first up is “How to Get Red-Wine Stains Out of the Carpet.”  A little dab of foaming shaving cream will help lift out the stain.  I don’t know why it works, I don’t know how it works, and the truth is it won’t make a white carpet spotless, but it definitely helps.

Instead of the planned Colorado Springs trip and Dim Sum dinner plans, the sweets and I spent our Thanksgiving Eve getting delicious Indian food; mmmmmm Saag Paneer (^_^).  Then we got a call from our good buddy Liz to go and have a Turkey dinner for Thanksgiving Day at her house.  And so our Thanksgiving was filled with jokes and laughter and the antics of all of Liz’s many children.

In crafty news, I’ve been working on a HUGE list of lace orders from the McNabber while also trying to get work done on a couple X-Mas Day scarf gifts of which I WILL TAKE PICTURES!!!  My coworker Jill moved into a new apartment recently and I’ve been promising some throw pillows to match her room.  Why is it so hard to get anything done these days?  I swear I feel like I spend just enough time at home to eat and immediately fall asleep and then next thing I know I’m waking up for work and rushing out the door again.  It sucks!!!


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