Holiday Hooplah

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Some people love the holidays and some people hate them, me?  I dance around in an elliptical orbit that has spectrum like qualities of love and hate at each end while the center of my orbit contains all the fun projects, decorative items, awesome gifts for other people, and traditional fun that I can’t seem to escape from no matter how far to either end of my orbit I get.  I love the fun projects and gift purchasing as I hate being so god damn busy for three months straight and spending all my hard earned cash.  I love the delicious treats (whether I make them or not) as I hate feeling like a Christmas Day Parade balloon waddling my way to the couch or bed where I crash from a major food coma.  Plus I work in retail advertising which can turn even the most exuberant holiday lovers into bitter jerks of a holly hating caliber that rivals that of Scrooge himself.

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However!  I seem to find myself more and more interested in this holiday spirit as I get older.  The soul-crushing truth of no Santa Claus, the quickly depleting number of gifts as family members struggle with what to buy me since I no longer beg for remote control cars and make-up (I set up shop firmly on the fence between femme and butch a long time ago, deal with it), and the serious lack of space and money that has meant no Christmas trees for quite a number of years now has all made me feel nostalgic about the holidays.  No tree makes me want a tree, odd gifts that have nothing to do with my preferences or even needs and stand as reminders of how little my family knows about me makes me go the extra mile finding gifts I know people will enjoy or can at least use.  Plus I’m getting to that “kids are so cool, I want 10” age…

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Thanksgiving is another case entirely.  It’s always been a sort of non-holiday for me because it’s supposed to be one of those days where the whole family gets together and my whole family is sprinkled all over the US; most of whom do not, under any circumstances, speak to the rest of us.  This year, my sweets and I are going up to Colorado Springs to hang with some friends to celebrate Thanksgiving tonight.  Tomorrow, Dim Sum.  Good old Chinese food restaurants are always open.  I hope every one has as nontraditional or traditional of a holiday as can be imagined and that it’s filled with happenings you’ll eventually learn to laugh about.


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