Plans and Preparation

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For those of you who don’t know, my sweetie and I are looking to move in together when our leases are up in the summer of 2012.  We’ve weighed the pros and cons of living together, tested one another with stupid fights and have come to realize that not only would it be cheaper for us to live together, but would be easier too since there are times where one of us won’t have spent more than a half hour in our own apartment for an entire week and we can’t sleep without each other now.  Yes, awwwww, I know, we’re adorable.

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I know it’s ridiculously early to be looking now when we’re not moving until August, but in my excitement I’ve been looking at houses for rent in the area we have both decided we would like to rent a house in and am pleasantly surprised to find a lot of houses available for pretty reasonable prices.  My website of choice?  I know it sounds like it should be a feminine product site, but I assure you it is not.  It’s easy to use, maps out all of your options on an actual map with a dot for roommates, a tall building for a condo or apartment building and a little house for a house or duplex.  Or something like that…  The point is, it’s a great site and I highly recommend it.

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While I wait for June to roll around so I can start looking and making calls for realz, I’m compiling all of my favorite D.I.Y. projects and How-To’s in Preparation for the day when I will actually have the S P A C E to create.  My original hope for this blog was that I would document not only the things I crochet, but the things I would be doing around my apartment.  I have done some cute little things to save space in my ultra tiny apartment and have made a number of adorable crocheted item, but I seem to constantly forget that I have a camera or a blog and never seem to post about any of the crap I’m doing.  I’m hoping that a bigger place with more room to be creative as well as a sweetheart who wants to do some of these projects with me, in addition to all the “getting together with friends” plans we’ve been talking about executing once we have the house will be incentive enough for me to at least get the camera out…


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