Pumpkin Recipes!

My huge pupils after my optometrist appointment

My way too creepy zombie pumpkin

All of my delicious ingredients for my pumpkin recipes

The drive to the park through my fall neighborhood

The awesome house down the street from me

Beautiful street lamps along the path at Cheeseman Park

First up are my huge pupils on the bus ride home after my optometrist appointment.  I had a freckle in my eye that my eye doctor wanted to dilate my pupils and get a better look at.  I was awarded a gorgeous pair of those roll-up sunglasses that look oh-so-amazing underneath your regular glasses.  I was at the height of fashion that day.  And also nearly blind…

I had wanted this pumpkin to be amazing.  what I got was the creepiest pumpkin I have ever seen.  I bought googly green eyes and drew the red lines with a permanent marker to make them look bloodshot.  Then I drew over the red lines with a yellow marker to make them look like my pumpkin was sick with jaundice or hepatitis or zombie-itis.

Here is a lovely still-live of my delicious ingredients.  My Thai-Spiced Pumpkin soup came out way too salty due to the fact that the recipe said to coat the pumpkin slices with a generous amount of the sea salt.  I highly recommend against this unless you want the saltiest soup you have ever eaten!  I also made some Sweet and Spicy roasted pumpkin seeds with the seeds from my zombie pumpkin.  I plan to make the Curried pumpkin seeds with the other half of the pumpkin I used for the soup.


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