Busy Week Ahoy!

The Denver Zombie Crawl was everything I had hoped and more!  Unfortunately in the midst of grabbing all the make-up, wigs, hats, feathers, flowers, glue, false eyelashes and so on, I totally forgot my camera…  Luckly my buddy Jessie had hers so as soon as she sends me those pics and edits up the video she shot, I will post for your viewing pleasure.

In the meantime, here are some awesome things I came across on the webs today.  I am totally going over to Office Depot to pick myself up some Post-It watches!  These have got to be the greatest invention evah!  I am one of those people that make myself a thousand little notes and never looks in my notebook.  I make myself a thousand little post-its and unless they’re on the wall behind my desk, I will never remember to look at them.  This is another one of those smack your forehead for not thinking of it yourself kinds of inventions.  And just think how cute it would be to wrap one of these around some hottie’s wrist with your phone number on it!  I wont’ be doing any of that since I am happily involved, but it’s an idea (^_~).

These I had to post about, they’re Cupcake Vases that have strategically placed holes in the top for flower stems.  Once you place your flowers of choice into the cupcake vase, you have a perfect floral arrangement!  How rad would it be to surprise your lady love with a beautiful bouquet of her favorite wildflowers?


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