The Joys of Working at The Sports Authority

I love yoga and I love pilates and I love my job at the Sports Authority where I can take pilates and yoga classes for free.  One of the many perks in addition to free fitness classes are the free samples of wonderment for the fitness enthusiasts in us all.  Today’s haul included some Mighty Milk, which admittedly is for children, but is lactose free so… I had to give it a shot.  I also grabbed lots of energy drink mixes and a box of energy bars.  Because it’s barely 10am, I have only tried the G Series FIT Gatorade Level 02 Perform Workout Hydration Electrolyte Replacement Drink in Acai Blueberry flavor.  In a word, it is tasty, in two words it is rather salty, and in three words, I like it.

An update on the crafting plan, I am doing well sticking to my budget and savings plan, getting lots accomplished on my script as I’m now picking out background music for my how-to videos and sound effects for my opening sequence, and though I still haven’t gotten much work on my own crochet items, I’m practically buried in lace pieces for the little old lady made of vinegar and nightmares (her name is McNabb) that I crochet for.


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