Staying Inspired

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Last night I had a coffee date with a buddy of mine and though I worked on a few pieces of lace for the little old lady made of vinegar and nightmares that I crochet for, I didn’t get much work done on my own stuff.  Feeling a bit guilty I decided that I’d read a few articles on some Etsy sellers and found this article on Poor Pitiful Pearl’s Etsy shop.  She’s a stay at home mother of two who just loves to create new out of old via the sewing machine.

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Poor Pitiful Pearl found a burning desire to sew that lead her to fill out an application on an available shop and without any significant amount of money in the bank created a talk-of-the-town shop on the beach.

She spends most of her time with her kids and when they’re sleeping she gets into work mode.  I love that kind of self discipline!  As a person who loves the structure of a day job, I have trouble envisioning myself as able to pull off working from home even without kids!

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In the article Pearl gives some really great advice on accepting failures when they happen, dusting yourself off and continuing to move forward.  She poses some great questions to the Etsy seller to be like “do you have a unique idea?” and “will you continue to love making things once it becomes your job?”

Poor Pitiful Pearl’s shop is rad, unique, and even more awesome when I think about how busy she is being a mother of two and homeschooling her five year old.  Huzzah for staying inspired, keeping at it, and rolling with the punches!



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