Forging Ahead

The plan to go and talk with my AV buddy Jessie almost didn’t happen; I’ve been fighting off the plague for the last couple of weeks, and I wasn’t sure if I would make it through anything aside from two episodes of Spongebob and a gallon of Theraflu!  But I went anyway and was quite happy with myself.

My goal here with these how-to videos is not only to share my amazing crochet expertise with the world for free, but also to gain some notice for my soon-to-be-but-taking-its-sweet-time Etsy shop.  I really like what the Threadbanger crew has been coming up with in their video posts and am hoping to get something similar, but all my own going.

Keeping with my chosen name Twisedewe, I was thinking of calling my how-to videos “Twisedewe-seful Tips” or something along those lines.  If you’re stumbling over the video name, it’s supposed to be a mash-up of my Twistedewe name with “useful.”  I might go with “Twisted Tips”, but that kind of sounds like something you’d order at an erotic bakery…

Right now I’m working on my script and a general outline of how I’d like the show to go.  So far I’ve written down a cute intro and my opening dialog and I hope to get the rest of my script down before the end of the week.

Photo courtesey of "Len On Life"

Hey, all my Denverites!  Don’t forget that on October 22 is the Denver Zombie Crawl!  I’m going as the Lady Catrina Day of the Dead Costume featured in Craftovision’s how-to video.  I think me and the crew might be having a Halloween costume making party this Friday, but haven’t made any specific plans.  Actually that’s a really great idea <begins sending invite texts>.

See you tomorrow for another update on the process!


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