The Plague and Giant Children

After getting my flu shot on Thursday last week I have become sick.  As upsetting and distressing as this is, I am taking solace in the knowledge that I at least do not have the flu.  I don’t usually get sick, but when I do I, like many people, turn into the biggest baby on earth.

Speaking of big babies, I thought I’d share a mini story about my morning.  I take the bus or the train almost every morning and every so often the bus drivers all switch routes for some reason and I am landed with a new bus driver to get to know.  Sometimes this is a pleasant experience and we chat about whatever and the rides to and from work are pleasant ones.  However, there are the odd occasions where I am landed with some asshole who seems hellbent on making everyone’s lives miserable.

Today was a bad driver day.  This guy, this fucking guy, was just doing things in such a way that made everyone want to give him a severe kick in the shins!  Most bus drivers will let everyone on the bus and then get going, if you don’t pay the fare, they don’t give you a transfer pass and that is that.  This b-hole decided that he would wait while you dug out your change or pass or whatever and wouldn’t budge until you’d provided whatever form of public transportation fare you had upon your person.

Now it is worthy of note here that one is supposed to have the correct fare ready when one gets onto the bus, but this fall and it’s cold.  That means that everyone’s bus fare, passes, transfers, or wampum is tucked deep within the cozy warm confines of their coats, pants, or bags.  Long story short, a man gets on the bus and is digging out change for the fare, everyone already on the bus is screaming at the bus driver to get going which agitates both the man digging for change and the bus driver, which causes the man digging for change and the bus driver to get into a screaming match that lasted to the end of the line where I get off.  The two of them were just screaming at each other, the driver saying the man needed to have his fare ready, the man threading his opinion on the matter betwixt every curse word he knew.

So, whatever, on top of being sick I had a terrible morning!  But I take solace in the knowledge that my colds never last long and I’ll soon be on the road to recovery.  Those crazy people from this morning, however, are likely to spend the rest of their lives in crazyville.


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