Power Plant

Photo courtesy of Design Milk

I am the kind of person who believes that one day mankind will “figure it out.”  And by that I mean we’ll figure out how to do all the amazing things we only dream about right now.  One day we’ll figure out how to make all the things we see as only fanciful dreams and impossibilities into ongoing projects and realities.  I am a person who envisions things, but is always too afraid to ask for the help I need to get my ideas off the ground, but luckily there are people out there who are thinking up amazing things and are actually creating them.  Things like this Moss Table launched by Object & Line at the 2011 London Design Festival that uses the moss to create energy to make the lamp light up.

A Wired article describes how, in a controlled environment, algae splits hydrogen and oxygen.  When harvesting the hydrogen produced in this process, hydrogen energy is born.  I’m over simplifying this, but you can read up on hydrogen energy on your own if you like (^_^).  I’m assuming the process by which electric energy is produced and harvested from the moss is similar, though I couldn’t find any articles specifically on moss energy production.

Object & Line is a UK based website that offers a wide range of utilitarian objects from egg cups to glassware, wall decals to bird feeders.  Their goal is to provide a place where people can find domestic objects of great design value to be sold at affordable prices, and that sits very well with me!


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