Cool Things and Plans

I’ve been feeling like I’m in the process of fighting something potentially awful off for the last week or so.  This potentially awfulness has not manifested itself into anything particularly awful and since I no longer have the excuse of not feeling well to use as a reason to not post, I am posting.

Picture courtesy of Design Milk

These giant pig snout piggy banks are so awesome.  I want!  They’d be great for a kid’s room, but seriously I just want one, kids or no kids.

Picture courtesy of Design Milk

Lately I’ve been all about bathrooms and kitchens on my Pinterest board and these adorable little guys called Efeet really need to be on my kitchen table… When I have a kitchen table, that is.

Picture courtesy of 101Cookbooks

With the acquisition of my food processor I’ve been collecting recipes again and this Maple Buttermilk Pie looks like it’s going to be in the whole grain pie crust I have left over from when I made quiche.  The pie crusts came two to a package and I’ ve been waiting for a chance to put something delicious in there.

Picture courtesy of

Last night I ordered Thai food and the delivery guy showed up in a Corvette!  “Nice car!” I said.  He told me that it was his nephew’s car and that they had traded cars that day, leaving him with the Corvette.  “If I could afford this car, I wouldn’t be doing this for a living!” he said in a very thick Asian accent.  LOL!  As far as the “plans” go; I waited too long to get into the Holiday Handmade show.  I wanted to wait until I had enough stuff made to actually have something to sell and the deadline passed me by.  I think I actually just chickened out, but I’m not entirely convinced since I was really looking forward to the show.  In the meantime, I’m keeping myself busy with these little handbags made from plastic canvas; I’m making one this weekend and will post pics!


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