The Highland Games

An Auspicious beginning to our drive to Estes Park for the Highland Games Festival!  Looks like Xena (my buddy Brit’s white jeep is named Xena) has a bum alternator!  We drove to her house and her roommate ended up driving me all the way; what a nice guy!

Our lovely booth featuring our Marti Gras boa masks and parasols.

Hi, Sara!

Hi, Courtney!

Hi, Cathy!

Bagpipes and drums all day every day at the Highland Games; I will have Scotland The Brave in my head for at least a week…

More pipers piping and the craft tent in the background there.  That window there is right where our booth was so we couldn’t miss the pipers and drummers if we wanted to.

Me in my Irish dress taking a picture of my parasol display; I got to take home a green parasol, but I left it in Sara’s car (>_<).

Turkey legs and tartan!

What a mess!  Snoods, gloves, bun covers and juliets get scattered all over our table at every show lol.

Our boss McNabb, her Matron Mobile, and her fabulous parking job haha.

I love the button down dress shirt, kilt, sneakers and sword combo!

Some friendly patrons who let me take their picture for me blog (^_^).

Home in the Denver Metro Area at Cheeseman Park for a walk yesterday with my sweetie.

Drawing in the park while I crocheted more lace to replace what we sold at the Highland Games festival.

Getting those last few warm days at the park in before Old Man Winter arrives.

Make a wish!

Scary skies on the way home from acquiring the ingredients for me and sweetie’s grilled cheese and tomato sandwich with lentil soup dinner.


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