The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Fall is my favorite season.  I love spring too, but not as much as fall.  Fall is the year’s last hurrah where we all try to get those last cookouts in, those last camping trips, and those last few days by the pool.  Fall is when all my favorite fashion styles come out to play.  It’s the time of bonfires, delicious food and drinks at favorite restaurants and homemade soup.  So in anticipation of my favorite season, I am posting some items that I think are necessary for the awesomeness of fall.

There is a special place in my heart for socks and leggings.   Any outfit be morphed into something amazing with the addition of funky tights, leggings or knee-high socks.  Something needing dressing up or dressing down?  Add a pair of funky tights underneath!  To join the world of funky socks, or rekindle an old love of funky socks, visit one of my all-time favorite sites  Sock Dreams.  Not only do they have the one of the most eclectic selections of socks, tights, leggings and accessories I’ve ever seen, but they even have a sock journal where one of the wonderful blog-alicious ladies at Sock Dreams posts about different types of socks and what shoes they’re worn with or about the different types of fiber that socks are made of or post about why socks are so great.  This site makes me feel better about my rather ferocious love of socks and leggings just reading about how other people love them just as much as I do if not more!

Every now and then I google things just to see what I can find.  The other day I was Gooleing “Women’s Fashion+Clothes” and I found a pretty rad site for inexpensive clothes, shoes and accessories at Make Me Chic.  They carry a lot of the same brands as DSW only for about $10 less.  The shipping is where they get you, but even after shipping, the shoes are still pretty cheap.  For the heels you have to really love platforms, but they have a great selection of flats and boots just in time for the fall season.  My favorite part about this site, aside from the prices is the way you can narrow down your search criteria.  Looking for a silk pair of peep-toe pumps in chartreuse?  Well, if they have them, you can find them without clicking through every page in the “heels” tab.  Each time you click on an item in the left-hand side navigation bar, more options for narrowing down your search appear.  From color, to material, to heel height and size, you can find exactly what you’re looking for.

And last, but not least, my most favorite of favorite restaurants, Steuben’s.  They’re food menu is unparalleled and their drink menu is inventive and long enough to have you trying new things years after your first visit; although I suppose that would depend a great deal upon how much you drink.  Its warm and inviting atmosphere alongside its phenomenal menu have kept me coming back since my very first visit over four years ago when I first moved here.  If you live in Denver or have a visit coming up, make sure to stop by and try their vegetarian chili rellano or their spicy linguine!

What are some of your favorite things about fall?  Any favorite places to go or things to do that are special to you or your family?


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